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We help to keep your customers happy.

Helix Software can help you to make sure your customers keep on coming back for more. 

Hospitality is all about knowing exactly what you customers want, and how they want it. Helix Software can help you run the back end of your business, so you've got more time to spend on creating amazing customer experiences. Helix Software has you covered from your inventory management, your general ledger, vendor management, invoicing and your reporting. 

The beauty of Helix Software is that you only pay for what you use, and you can change your subscription at any time, adding users as you grow. 

Tailored solutions for a growing hospitality business.

Bank Reconciliation

Import your bank statements and automatically match the records against open bank entries in your software. Any unmatched lines are added to the end of the statement for your attention.


Create comprehensive reports using customisable tags with layers to look at areas like events and locations.


Give quotes and invoices that are professional and personally made on Word.


Go where your customers are to enhance your delivery of service.

Vendor Management

Save time on frequently ordered items with ordering templates.

Inventory Management

Clear picture of your stock and ensure quality and freshness with FIFO

How can Helix Software help my hospitality business?

Helix Software can help you when you're ordering your ingredients, managing your stock levels, creating invoices and reviewing your performance, leaving you more time to create amazing customer experiences. 

So much more than just accounting software


Have a complete solution for sales that is flexible in a world of negotiations, discounts & credits.

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Stay ahead with purchasing strategies that help keep your business lean and agile to meet the demands of the market.

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Don't let your inventory dictate your business, command the flow of goods.

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Keep your processes lean while managing the fine detail by accounting for multiple levels of Bill of Materials and the use of items and resources.

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Fixed Assets

Know the value of your company's fixed assets.  From purchasing and selling the fixed asset to having multiple depreciation books as well as disposal, you are able to see the changes in value of what you own.

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Remove the hassle of creating reports from scratch.  Use the out of the box reports that can give you the details you need to make a decision. 

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Grow your business with the award winning cloud accounting software.

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