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Add Customers

Add customer details including their address, contact person, phone number, email address, payment details, discounts, bank accounts, and add notes. See payments due, payments history and transactions by period reports.

Campaign Pricing

Create sales campaign available to all customer or particular customer segments with specific start and end dates.

Make Offers

Create a sales quote where you offer products on negotiable terms before converting the quote to a sales order and then an invoice. Ability to copy document lines from another sales document or copy a sales invoice to quickly create similar document.

Correct or Cancel Unpaid Sales Invoices

Perform an action on an unpaid posted sales invoice to automatically create a credit memo and either cancel the sales invoice or recreate it so you can make corrections.

Multiple Ship to Addresses

Allow your customers to decide which addressed they would like their goods to be delivered.

Order Promising

Give your customers accurate shipment and delivery dates easily.


Add Vendors

Add vendor details including their address, contact person, phone number, email address, bank accounts, invoicing and payment details and, currency code. See payables owed and payment history reports.

Drop Shipments

Allow for the shipment of goods purchased from a supplier to be delivered direct to your customer.

Payments to Vendors

Keep your payables to your suppliers in order with the ability to account for different currencies from your suppliers.

Purchase Discounts

Manage negotiated discount from your suppliers based on minimum quantity, unit of measure and more.

Purchase Products

Create a purchase invoice to record your agreement with a vendor to buy goods on specific delivery and payment terms or create a purchase invoice from all or selected lines on a sales invoice. Option to insert recurring purchase lines such as for monthly replenishment order.

Purchase Returns or Cancellations

Create a purchase credit memo to revert a specific posted purchase invoice to reflect which products you are returning to the vendor.


Add Items

Add items and specify their unit of measures (e.g. piece, kilo, pack, hour), costing method (e.g. LIFO, FIFO, Standard, Average), unit cost and price. View your current stock levels and transaction history.

Cycle Counts

Ensure your physical count matches what's in your system with the ability to verify inventory on a SKU or item level.

Landed Cost

Essential for a business wanting to track freight time and charges for shipments from overseas. See expected arrival date, bill of lading number and more.

Manage your Warehouses

Keep your warehouse(s) organised with the ability for bin management, picks and putaways and more.

Multiple Locations

Manage inventory in more than one location to know where you can potentially get stock internally if required.

Serial and Lot Numbers

Assign serial and lot numbers manually or automatically.


Bill of Materials

Create bill of materials on a granular basis with the ability to have multiple levels while also calculating for the time and cost to build.

Capacity Planning

Ensure that capacities from work centres are accounted for when planning for materials and more.

Demand Forecasting

Manage past demands and be able to understand lead times for your processes to meet the demand for finished goods.

Fixed Assets


Be able to account for a fixed asset losing or gaining value using methods like straight-line, while being able to view easily the history of that fixed asset.


Account for the disposal of a fixed asset or its movement from one company or location to the next.


Record maintenance and service expenses for a fixed asset as well as tracking insurance for it to make decisions on when to dispose or sell a fixed asset.


Dimensional Tagging

Know where your funds are going using customisable tags that can be placed on customers, items, expenses, invoices, line items on those invoices and more. With this automated, you can easily view real time reports on the health and performance of your business.

Budgets vs Actuals

Present information effectively by showing how well your business has performed compared to budget or period. Drill down to understand the cause of problems to make better decisions for the future.

Consolidated Reporting

See how all your businesses are doing when accounting for multiple companies.


What are the main capabilities of Helix Software?

The application offers features including accounting, sales and marketing (CRM), human resources management, procurement processing, supply chain management, inventory management, project job...

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How do I access Helix Software?

Helix Software can be accessed over a web browser via the Internet. Your business will be given a specific website url that you and your employees will use to log into Financials for...

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Can I integrate other 3rd party applications with Helix Software?

Yes, you may. You can do this using the Premium edition.

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Does it have its own customer relationship management (CRM)?

The Lite edition comes with contact management. However, the Standard and Premium editions come with its own CRM. For many, a purpose built stand-alone CRM can be an overkill for their business. We...

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What is Helix Software?

Designed for the web, the award winning Helix Software is Helix cloud accounting software on a subscription model. Simply access it from any device with a web browser via the...

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How did it all begin?

Helix Software began with a dream to offer small businesses with big business software without all the pain and fuss. Helix and Helix Software incubated the project in the...

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Why should I consider Helix Software for my business?

Helix Software simply allows your business to deliver amazing customer experiences. With native and seamless integration with other Helix products like Helix CAS, Financials...

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