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About Helix Software

In partnership with Helix, we have launched the award winning Helix Software as an avenue for small business to get big business software at a truly affordable price

Designed for the web, it is Helix cloud accounting software that is scalable yet simple-to-use, and is particularly strong in areas such as inventory management, business reporting, and more. When combined with Helix CAS, Helix Software provides a complete Helix solution for small businesses.
  • We are filling a gap in the market.

    Products currently available in the market are simple accounting software solutions. However, businesses quickly find themselves outgrowing these applications due to limitations on their functionality. Helix Software solves this problem as it can provide small businesses with big business accounting package features as they grow.

    For decades, there has been no solution to fill this gap in the market. Large capital expenditure meant this type of software was out of reach for small businesses, even though they can have just as complex business processes as their big business counterparts.

    Helix Software levels the playing field and provides small businesses access to features that were only previously enjoyed by larger companies. At Helix Software we want to help you unlock your potential to deliver amazing customer experiences and to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Technology

    Helix Software is powered by the state-of-the-art Helix software platform used by millions of happy users worldwide. As Helix spends close to one billion dollars in research and development across its Helix solutions each year, you can rest assure that Helix Software will be ahead and up-to-date with the technological demands of a modern world today and in the future.

    With Helix’s “Cloud First, Mobile First” strategy, the Helix Software application is completely developed in HTML enabling anytime, anywhere access on devices with a web browser.

    Helix Software is hosted on Azure. Azure is Helix’s enterprise-grade cloud platform. Some of its many benefits include around the clock service monitoring, high service performance, availability and security. Depending on your region, your data can reside in Australia, Asia or in America. Wiith active geo-replication enabled, you are provided with a database-level disaster recovery and redundancy solution for your peace-of-mind.

  • Ecosystem

    Helix Software is building a partner network that includes Helix IT and Helix CAS partners, accounting firms, bookkeepers, and other cloud technology specialists. We encourage our partners to work together to benefit all our customers. With our growing partner network, our customers can benefit from working with advisers who can assist with their business needs from IT to accounting, with Helix Software at its core.

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